178 – Thank You Girl – Angela Reed

Original recording:5, 13 March 1963

Ukulele Version #178 recorded May 27th 2012


Angela Reed: Vocal

Kenny White: Ukulele and Bass

Gary Schreiner: Accordion


Produced by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste


Written and credited to Lennon & McCartney





A little gem on the B Side of “From Me To You”. A real Lennon and McCartney song. I’m guessing they are John’s verses and Paul’s chorus and bridge. 


It was originally going to be the follow up to Please Please Me until “From Me To You” was written. 


“Thank You Girl” is a little love note to the legions of screaming school girls who followed The Beatles every move at that point.


As McCartney explained, "We knew that if we wrote a song called Thank You Girl that a lot of the girls who wrote us fan letters would take it as a genuine thank you. So a lot of our songs were directly addressed to the fans."


In one way it could be thought of as being a bit pandering but in another it is quite touching.


As usual for this period the mono mix is the definitive one. The stereo mix has tons of extraneous overly reversed harmonica swamping everything. Ringo plays the most simple “Mersey Beat”. In fact this could easily have been a Jerry and The Pacemakers song.


The ukulele version is a much more sedate and gentle affair. 


Who is Angela Reed singing to? The relationship does sound close but not sexual. A sister? Her mother? A Friend?


Whoever it is she has done a great service and Angela is paying her back in the most graceful way.






Born: March 18, Portland, Oregon

Grew up: Seattle area



Color: blue

Food: Moms home cooking. Wow!

Books: Non-Fiction in general/history, nutrition, religion.

Wake Up Song: Far by The Longpigs

Album Of The Moment: Guster –  Keep It Together

Coffee: Sweet, soy, and ristretto







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