160 – Good Morning Good Morning – Neothaon3

Original Version recorded February March 1967
Ukulele version recorded January 2012
Neothaon3 – Vocals
David Barratt – Ukulele and everything else
Produced by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste, 
Neothaon3 vocal recorded at his home studio
Written by John Lennon
Credited to Lennon & McCartney
In late 1966 exhausted from too much touring, too much promoting and too much Beatling in general John Lennon was stoned, depressed and stuck to his sofa in his Weybridge Mansion. In front of him was a black and white TV that only had three channels. John had the choice of watching BBC1, BBC2 or the newly conceived commercial channel ITV. Colour was not to come to England until 1967.
But when you’re trailing and peaking too heavily to leave the couch, you take your inspiration where you can get it, and surprisingly British TV in the sixties was a pretty good place to catch inspiration.
John was watching news and current event shows like “The Frost Report”, “What the Papers Say” and “Panorama”. He caught police procedurals such as “Dixon of Dock Green”, “Softly, Softly” and of course “Z-Cars” (which was the first TV serial to be set in Johns home town of Liverpool). 
And if he was ever feeling a bit grumpy – which he often was – there were comedies like “The Likely Lads” and “Not Only… But Also” starring the twin geniuses, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, to get a quick laugh from.
Many of the shows that John was nodding out to still survive. “Match of the Day”, “Doctor Who”, “Songs of Praise”, “Coronation Street”, “Blue Peter”, “The Sky at Night” and “The Money Program” were on the air in 1966 and can still be seen in the UK now.
Surprisingly there was an awful lot of quality programming to watch in 1966 but it wasn’t a TV show that inspired “Good Morning Good Morning” it was a commercial.
It is almost unbelievable now that there wasn’t really any daytime television in The UK in 1966. At 10am on a Monday morning ITV used to play all the commercials that they were going to air that week. It was at this time that a stoned John Lennon was confronted by a blaring “Good Morning” in the form of a Kelloggs Corn Flakes jingle.
John jumped on it and “Good Morning Good Morning” was born.
Like the other song, so good he named it twice, (“She Said She Said”) “Good Morning Good Morning” jumps around in all sorts of crazy time signatures. 
The track was recorded on 8 February 1967, with overdubs on 16 February (bass and vocals), 13 March (brass section), 28 March (backing vocals and guitar solo), and 29 March (animal noises). The guitar solo – which i think is my favorite of all the Beatle solos –  was played by Paul McCartney.
Oh and more Brit TV trivia – the line "It’s time for tea and Meet the Wife" refers to a BBC sitcom, “Meet the Wife”.
“Good Morning Good Morning” is a less sanctimonious version of "Nowhere Man" and the perfect way to set up "A Day In The Life". A classic song showing the art of offering commentary without making direct comment.
The Ukulele version features Hip-Hop engineer, producer, MC and Artist “Neothaon3″.
His Executive Production/Engineering work on #THE516tape (available on DatPiff.com), Nassau County’s first and only artist compilation mixtape in the Hip-Hop genre has earned him the respect of much of the Hip-Hop Community.  
Music by neo has been featured on websites, radio, and recently network television, and he continues to collaborate with the television and radio industries.  
Neo’s production talent has earned him many accolades including 1st place prizes in Manhattan’s Muzik Matrix and Elegant Hoodness showcases.
Neothaon3 currently owns and operates a private recording studio at his home in Baldwin, NY. Songs from this studio can be heard all across Long Island.  The quality of neo’s mixes have won over the ears of many artists and fans on Long Island.  Besides Forward Thinking ENT, he currently works with G-Unit Label Affiliate Calio, Above Average recording artist Courtney Anthony, All Rise Entertainment, Commercial and Pop/Rock/Hip-Hop Mega-Producer JJ Appleton, Noisy Tenants, GSQUAD, Kik Krack, DC of Central Station, A-Lex of So Swaggy Entertainment, Pop Sensation Erin Bowman, LD and the Kartel. 


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