133 – She’s A Woman – Boia Of Roma!

Original Version recorded October 8 1964
Ukulele version recorded – July 22 2011
Jamie Clayton – Vocal
David Barratt – Ukulele and everything else
Produced by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste 
Written by Paul McCartney
Credited to  Lennon & McCartney
Most of us from the lesser sex find women totally baffling. Acres of poetry, song and prose by great writers of both sexes throughout the ages all come to the conclusion that men are incapable of understanding them.
Paul McCartney is smarter than that. 
In “She’s A Woman” he never asks why a woman does or does not do anything. He does not try to get into her head or understand her. He simply describes what she does without judgement and loves her without question.
She does not give him presents – Fine!
She turns him on when he gets lonely – Great!
People tell him that she may be unfaithful but he knows better – Brilliant!
She is created by what he believes her to be, which is loving, sexy and faithful. Who cares what is actually true? This is a man who is able to invent his universe simply by the power of his own thoughts. 
A simple route to happiness.
All this BEFORE he went to India.
The ukulele version of “She’s A Woman” is sung by someone who has also consciously created her own universe. Jamie Clayton’s haunting Nicoesque vocal matches Paul’s confidence blow for blow. Who better to sing this particular song than someone who has crossed the great divide between the sexes. 
She’s A Woman
Jamie Clayton is an actress and model living in New York. This fall she can be seen playing "Kyla" on season 3 of the hit HBO series Hung. As a model she has been photographed by some of the worlds leading lensmen including Patrick DeMarchelier, Alexei Hay & Terry Tsolis. This year Jamie has been featured in Interview Magazine, LOVE Magazine and in ads for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and Jeremy Scott.
Jamie is thrilled to be a part of The Beatles Complete On Ukulele.


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