127 – You’re Gonna Lose That Girl – Russ Velazquez

Original version recorded August 6 1965
Ukulele Version recorded – May 24 2011
Russ Velazquez : Vocals, Guitar
David Barratt Ukulele and everything else.
Produced by: David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste – Brooklyn
Written and credited to Lennon & McCartney (but mainly by John)
Essay by Stiletto Of Roma  
Hailed by the hardcore as one of the most underrated jewels in the Fab Four’s crown, “You’re Going To Lose That Girl” was the last song to be recorded for the Help! album in 1965. The song features prominently in a Monty Python-esque scene from Richard Lester’s film of the same name, in which the mop tops perform the song in a recording studio whilst a chainsaw-wielding thug cuts a hole in the floor around Ringo’s kit. After the take, the producer tells the boys that they’ll have to re-record the song due to a “buzzing” noise on the recording – at which point Starr and his drums fall through the floor.
Like “She Loves You” and “Hey Jude” this song describes a conversation between two men about a woman. But “You’re Gonna Lose That Girl” contains little of the camaraderie of those two McCartney songs. John was an interesting guy but probably not the most supportive friend. He does not abide by “The Male Code.”
Thematically, the lyrics can be interpreted as a Darwinian warning from one alpha male to another: If you don’t show your squaw more attention, “you’re going to lose that girl” – to me! 
Far from feigning altruism, the narrator makes no bones about telling his “friend” that he’ll be picking up the slack, so to speak: “I’ll make a point of taking her away from you / The way you treat her, what else can I do?” An interesting notion, that. One of the ten commandments of The Male Code is that friends aren’t supposed to date – let alone steal – each other’s girlfriends. 
But as was so often the case, The Beatles made an excellent point: If your friend’s being a dick to his girlfriend who’s hot and deserves better, well…why not? 
I’ll give you an example, drawn from life. I introduced a friend of mine to a gorgeous blonde who happened to be, among other things, an exotic dancer. Everything was great at first, but in less than three months he was taking her for granted: breaking dates to play video games with his buddies, gaining weight, and running around on her with his ex. And who do you think she came crying to when she’d had enough of my friend’s shitty behavior? ME! You should have seen her: this perfect ten clinging to me, sobbing, asking the usual questions posed by women who find themselves in this position with every man they date: 
“Am I not pretty enough?”  Answer: Yes you are
“Aren’t I sexy enough?”  Answer: Absolutely
Did I notice how her tears made those big blue eyes sparkle and shine? 
Did I notice the alluring way that her perfectly shaped breasts heaved with every sob? 
Did I notice the black thong peeking above the waistband of her low-cut jeans? 
Oh no, I didn’t notice that at all.
So did I “make a point of taking her away” from my friend? 
I did not. 
Sadly, The Code was too deeply ingrained in me. I say “sadly” because, well, I never really spoke to that friend again. And the blonde? She’s now dating a guy who might as well be my twin. 
Did I do the right thing? 
You tell me.
The sultry serenade in the ukulele version of “You’re Going To Lose That Girl” is provided by Russ Velazquez, one of the premier vocal talents behind the animated phenomenon that is Pokémon. The heavy drip of sexual tension in Velazquez’s delivery seems eerily apropos to me, as it smacks of the blue balls I experienced on that fateful night when my ex-friend’s gorgeous girlfriend was in my arms – and I let her go.
Russ Velazquez: Born & raised in the Bronx.
Award winning & Emmy Nominated  Singer/ Composer/ Arranger & Producer for TV, Radio & Film. 
Russ is one of the most sought after & in demand singer/performers and has worked with …Sting, Carole King, the Ramones, LL Cool J, Luther Vandross, Patti Austin, Korn, Paula Abdul, Patty Smyth, Michael Bolton, Marc Cohn, Jimmy Webb… errr.. everyone really
Russ is a 3 time Emmy nominated Composer/Arranger for his work on Sesame St…. Composed, arranged, produced & performed several popular TV Themes (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 & 2008 has written & scored music for Pokemo, Yu-Gi-Oh!  – I think you get the picture right?
Russ has appeared on Broadway as one of the lead singers & guitarists in “Rock & Roll the First  5000 Years” and was one of the original lead singers and producer, arranger of the popular childrens’ groups The Sugarbeats and is currently singing & playing with The HitMen & The Top Shelf


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