076 – Please Please Me – The Rest Is History

Original Version recorded Sept 11, Nov 26 1962 and Feb 11, 20 1963
Ukulele version recorded March 1985 – remixed February 16 2012
Phil Johnstone – Lead vocal, keyboards
David Barratt –  Drum programming, keyboards, glockenspiel and ukulele
Alex Johnstone – Vocals
Joe Breban – Drums
Produced by Phil Johnstone and David Barratt, Mixed at the Abattoir Mobile,
Courtyard Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Written and credited to Lennon & McCartney
Seminal 80’s pomp-pop band "The Rest Is History" managed to bankrupt several record labels and management companies with their outlandish lifestyles and recording techniques. Never releasing any finished recordings the band broke up in 1986. Led Zeppelin hair-artist and vocalist, Robert Plant, recorded two of their songs (Heaven Knows and Upside Down).
Currently Phillip Johnstone resides in his country manor and often patronizes the arts.
The whereabouts of David Barratt is unknown.


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