074 – Sexy Sadie – Emily Johnstone

Original Version recorded 19 and 24 July, 13 and 21 August 1968
Ukulele version recorded April 5 2012
Emily Johnstone: Lead vocal
Alex Johnstone:  Backing vocal, vocal drum kit and tambourine
Harriet Johnstone: Vocal piano
Paddy O’Doors: Ukulele and Glockenspiel
Produced by The Rest Is History
Form original recordings made by Phil Johnstone at Velvet Studios
Written by John Lennon
Credited to Lennon & McCartney
"Maharishi, you little twat
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Oh, you cunt."
John Lennon
The ukulele version is a family affair. MDMA, cocaine, Black Afghani hashish and raw grain alcohol all came together to unite the double-vision of this recording.
Born 7/9/1988: during a wild electric storm 
Aged 3: Should have been charged with attempted murder having pushed her delightful brother out of a first floor window in a fit of peak.
Aged 8: Discovered trying to insert a glowworm into an orifice of rock guitarist Kurt Schefter.
Aged 9: Joined the fluffy head choir of Exeter cathedral.
Aged 13: Attempts to set fire to the cathedral school and close while partying on the roof
Aged 14: Dyes hair black…this didn’t last long
Aged 18: Spends a year in Valencia for tax reasons
Aged 19: Embarks on a series of unsuitable boyfriends
Aged 22: Goes to Barcelona to improve the midfield
Aged 24: Has worldwide hit record with her band The Big V
Aged 26: In the priory
Aged 27: Still in the priory
Last known whereabouts: Jail, rehab…


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