065 – Do You Want To Know A Secret – Stiletto

Original Version Recorded February 1963   
Ukulele Version Recorded February 25, 2010    
Stiletto: Vocal
Autumn Ready Potter: Vocals    
Eric Nicolas: Backing Vocals    
David Barratt: Ukulele and everything else          
Produced by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste – Fort Greene Brooklyn          
Do you want to know a secret? The thing is, secrets are hard to come by these days. Thanks to the ubiquity of narcissistic social networking apps like Twitter and Facebook, secrets have joined the ranks of endangered species like the panda and the polar bear. Intimate details once deemed sacred, horrific or at the very least “TMI” are now disseminated by the nanosecond under the euphemistic guise of “status updates.”      
Here is a quote from my old friend and golf buddy Bob Dylan
“Behind the counter taped to the mirror was a wide, framed photograph showing the Great Wall Of China. On the other brick wall was a jumbo sized American flag.       The radio was on from beyond a wall and the sound was coming through the static. The Beatles were singing “Do You Want To Know A Secret.” They were so easy to accept, so solid. I remembered when they first came out. They offered intimacy and companionship like no other group. Their songs would create an empire. It seemed like a long time ago. “Do You Want To Know A Secret.” A perfect 50’s sappy love ballad and nobody but them could do it. Somehow there was nothing wussy about it. The Beatles blasted away.”  
From Chronicles Vol 1 by Bob Dylan  

Singer, founder, and principal victim of the band Roma!, Stiletto hails from Pozzuoli – the same shabby seaside town outside of Naples that spawned Sophia Loren. Raised by a she-wolf who trained him in the fine art of petty theft, Stiletto enjoyed a delinquent childhood that prepared him well for a life in the entertainment industry. After being smuggled into the United States by a wealthy Philadelphian cougar who ordered him out of a catalog entitled Male-Order: Italian Stallions Desire Love And/Or Companionship, Stiletto "accidentally" murdered his patron during a particularly boisterous episode of erotic asphyxiation and fled to New York City in the trunk of a rented Hyundai. Emburdened by a thick Italian accent that only disappears when he sings, Stiletto now spends the bulk of his time performing concerts (and occasional heists) around the city that never sleeps. When times are tight, he can also be found moonlighting at a nude Tuscan catering service out of Massapequa, Long Island called "Now THAT’S Italian!"

Mystery over logic.
Decadence over austerity.
Indulgence over efficiency.
Sensuality over practicality.
Life = Death.


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