064 – A Day In The Life – Eric Nicolas

Original Version Recorded January 19, 20,  February 3, 10 1967
Ukulele Version Recorded January 30 February 23, 2010

Written by Lennon/McCartney
Eric Nicholas: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano
David Barratt: Ukulele & everything else

Produced by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste – Fort Greene Brooklyn
The ukulele version of A Day In The Life is performed by Eric Nicholas. Mr. Nicholas has re-imagined the song fantasizing that Paul had written the John part and John had composed the Paul section. 

The orchestra on The Beatles recording session was completed at a total cost of £367 for the players. That’s about $17 per player. Our orchestra was created by putting broken mono-synths thru fuzz boxes.

He has included sections culled from “Her Majesty”, “Lovely Rita”, “Paperback Writer”, “I Will”, “I Am The Walrus”,  “I’m So Tired”, “Honey Pie”, “When I’m 64” and “Revolution#9. Have fun spotting them. 

The final ukulele chord is played by a ukulele.


Singer/songwriter/guitarist Eric Nicolas, stolen as a toddler from his parents by a feminist-psychoanalytic splinter cadre of the paramilitary leftist extremist group The Whither Underground in a daring and bloody kidnapping in the late Sixties, was raised to manhood in a communal therapy cult by his captors in “the Stockholm of the Bible Belt,” Topeka, Kansas, an ethnic melting-pot of many fine shades of white on the banks of the mighty Kaw River.  Research into his true origins established that his biological mother, a British-born tailor specializing in the sewing of new blue jeans, had given birth to him and a twin sister in the back of a Greyhound bus, rolling down Highway 41.  The father of the twins, a gambler down in Georgia, was descended from a clan of Ukrainian Jewish shoemakers who had settled among the diamond merchants of Recife and joined them in their great northward migration fleeing Brazilian anti-Semitism, finding safety and tolerance among the Dutch a stone’s throw from the East Village, to the leather-clad bosom of which Eric, in his early twenties, impelled by—what? Destiny? a highly-developed olfactory apparatus?–would one day find his way. 

Despite poverty, his story seldom told, the peripatetic Nicolas found his way across 110th St., sidestepped a recumbent ovine juvenile on Broadway, and wandered, early and late, from New York City (CBGB, the Chelsea Hotel, Montague Street, etc), to the Golden Gate; and thence to Mozambique, the Champs Elysées, the UK (Solsbury Hill, Dublin, the North Country, and the West End of London, where he still keeps an imperial bedroom), Amsterdam & Rome (where he once rented a grand piano), and the Italian alps, where he sired the fair Penelope; to El Paso, Memphis, Norfolk (VA), the green rolling hills of East Virginia, mountains both Smoky and Blue, Baton Rouge and the City of New Orleans, Highway 61 (which he has since revisited) and of course Kansas City, Chicago, the redwood forests and the Gulf Stream waters.  

He took time out to study literature and history at Brown University, from which he graduated with honors, and you can check.  He moonlighted as a sideman with a hundred bands and artists including Phoebe Snow and Taylor Dayne.  

He has since relocated with his extended family of circus performers and street prophets to Bahia, Brazil, and returns frequently to New York City where he can be heard playing gig after gig after gig after gig after gig after gig after gig after gig after gig after gig after gig after gig after gig after gig after gig after gig.  

You can contact him at 
for a personal response and complete performance schedule.  

His two CDs of original songs, Amnesty and The Water Wheel, can be found on iTunes and at CDBaby.com



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