061 – I’m Only Sleeping – Kati Mac

Original version recorded April 27/29, May 5/6, 1966
Ukulele version recorded January 18th 2010

Kati Mac: Vocals
Gary Schreiner – Bass Harmonica
David Barratt: Ukulele & everything else

Produced using the db Method Production Technique (TM) by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste – Fort Greene Brooklyn
The ukulele version of I’m Only Sleeping is the second song in this series to use the db Method Production Technique (TM). Obviously the vocal for this song needed a deeply sleepy sound. Dave’s first idea was to keep Kati Mac awake for 72 hours before recording but scheduling commitments made that impossible. Instead Dave gave Kati 20mg of Triptanol (Amitriptyline), then waited for 45 minutes before recording her vocal. As you can hear the results were drowsily impressive.


New York City session singer and former Warner/Chappell writer, Kati Mac, has a varied career performing and/or recording with artists such as Sting, Meat Loaf, Michael Bolton, Dr John and Nona Hendryx, as well as singing on commercials and records.

Kati has released four CDs as an artist, 18 Forever, Time, Anicca and Poseidon’s Son. Her song “Only Love” was the theme for daytime tv’s Guiding Light. She has also had 5 songs nominated for best song of the year in the daytime Emmy Awards.



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