055 – Fixing A Hole – The Repairmen

Original version recorded February 9 and 21, 1967
Ukulele version recorded December 2009

Written by Lennon/McCartney

Chris Palmaro – Piano
Kevin Halpin Sound Design, smoking gun
Charles Wilson – Ukulele
Special Guest – Kirkland Roberts – Vodka, Grappa, Turpentine Vocals

Recorded at The Repairmen’s Workshop 
Mixed By David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste – Brooklyn
The Ukulele version of Fixing A Hole features the enigmatic and eccentric  Repairmen. The Repairmen are two retired Maytag engineers living twenty miles outside of Tucson Arizona. 

Each day they choose an item to repair. It may be a 1946 Plymouth Convertible similar to the one that William Holden drove down Sunset Boulevard or it may be as simple as rewriting the script of Avatar.

Once, several years ago during a vacation in Paris, The Repairmen broke into The Louve and reattached arms to The Venus De Milo. 

They understand that there is a hole at the centre of every soul on earth that can never be fixed. Some try to replenish with drink, drugs or sex.  For others it is work or music. This fact saddens them but their commitment is to do what they can while they can still do it.

We salute them.


“We kinda like Paul’s song but we felt that it could really use a tune up to make it run right. We met Kirkland Roberts as he was declaiming poetry on the floor of our local bar. Kirkland is really sweet but he is the kind of guy for whom one drink is too much and nine is not enough. We fueled him up and let him run until empty on the tune till he was all used up. It was unfortunate that Kirkland is no longer with us but there is only one way to get a realistic sound effect of a body hitting the floor.”


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