054 – Old Brown Shoe – Macah Coates



Original Version recorded February March 1967

Ukulele version recorded January 2012


Macha Coates – Vocals

Eric Nicolas – Ukulele – Guitar and Bass


Produced by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste, mixed at the Abattoir Mobile: Koh Kood Thailand


Written and credited to George Harrison





Macah Coates was born in Laytan, Utah, but moved around most of her life. 


Her family home on her mother’s side is in the mountains of West Virginia. Her grandfather was a worker in the coal mines from the time of his childhood until he retired years later.  


Her grandmother was the first-generation American from Czechoslovakia. Macah and her two sisters were raised in a single-mothered household most of their lives. They would road-trip back to Utah to visit their father’s side of the family every other summer from where they ended up living, which was just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


She grew up listening to her grandfather and other family members picking guitar, singing blue grass and country music.


Her mother raised her on Linda Ronstadt, Juice Newton, Dolly Parton, Trisha Yearwood, Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yokam, Bonnie Rait, Elvis Prestley, Emma Lou Harris and other artists which have yet to leave her brain and ear.  


She has spent her education focused primarily on acting in the theater, but has always had a hook in music and voice.  After graduating from the University of Washington in Seattle, she ventured back east to New York City.


There she resides: singing, acting, painting and writing…

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