052 – If I Needed Someone/Wenn Ich Jemanden Brauche – Christian Jahl

Original version recorded 16 October 1965 
Ukulele version recorded September 9th, 11th 2009  and Jan 3rd 2010
Written by George Harrison

Christian Jahl – Guitars, Wurlitzer, Vocals, German lyrics
Martin Schmidt – Percussion
David Barratt  – Ukulele and everything else

Produced by David Barratt from original recordings made at 
JahlKlang Studio, Duesseldorf
Mixed at The Abattoir Of Good Taste, Brooklyn
The ukulele version of If I Needed Someone features our third foreign language interpretation by the multi-talented Christian Jahl. Some of our public have stated that they do not consider it worthy to use languages other than English to sing Beatles songs.

To them we say.
Alles, was Sie brauchen, ist Liebe


Picture yourself on a train to the sixties with mesmeric music and sonic seduction. Suddenly someone  is there at the turnstile a white and posh rabbit with a sitar. I felt a little bit like this when I heard of The Beatles Complete on Ukulele Project on a german radio show. Phantasy meets madness in a time machine where reality only remains a word was my first thought. ALL Beatles songs, new and with Ukulele? It was no surprise that Lucy’s famous lines came to my mind, just in a new setting, like all the Beatles tunes will appear in a new wardrobe after this project.

But I only could do it on condition that I sing it in German. In German??? What the hell…? 

Then I remebered my father who told me about the Star Club in St.Pauli, a district of Hamburg where he, aged 15,  sneaked in night just to see The Beatles. So it seems there is a connection between The Beatles and Germany. And last but not least they did some versions in German. I also remembered Paul Mc Cartney saying in an interview how the owner of the Star Club always said to him “mak schau“ (this is unique Paul Mc Cartney German-pronounciation) which means “entertain the audience“. 

Considering that, I agreed to Dave‘s demand and here it is, the German version of If I Needed Someone, now entitled Wenn Ich Jemanden Brauche. 

Christian Jahl

Christian Jahl is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from Germany. Based in Duesseldorf in the Rheinland he plays modern Pop/ Rock influenced by funk and jazz. As a solo artist he just had his first single Sie ist weg and the follow up album Café Deutschland that will be released by end of the year. With his four piece band he plays live on many occasions with a vivacious show. Aside this he published up to now poems in anthologies and wrote a musical biography about Sting and his songs that was published in Germany. He also gives lessons for guitar and music theory. 

The Beatles were the reason why he started playing and writing music.



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