047 – Norwegian Wood – Declan Zimmerman

Original recording: October 12 and 21 1965
Ukulele Version: March 2012
Vocals: Declan Zimmerman
Ukulele and everything else: David Barratt
Produced by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste
I’m aged 73; I worked alongside Lennon & McCartney in the Liverpool music business see, google Dr James McGrath, Leeds metropolitan University, interview with, ‘Soundscapes’ and or “george roberts managing the bands”;

Lennon & McCartney were, ‘in touch’ with pot sellers in and around Liverpool 8 long before they ever were famous and certainly were not aware of, Bob Dylan.

The premise is shaky, at least, about Bob Dylan introducing these guys to, “pot”.
Also, by sheer co-incidence, I can tell you that the Man I would closely associate John Lennon with during 1959 onwards was a Man named Harold Phillips, aka, ‘Lord Woodbine’ business partner to Alan Williams, first Liverpool 8 booking manager to Lennon & McCartney. 
He died in a house fire during the 1990ts. Now aint that a weird coincidence! G
Declan Zimmerman performs the ukulele version. Declan has recently returned to his ancestral village near the arctic circle to study the Ancient Norwegian dialect of Philecia, as part of an unprecedented, wildly ambitious and some claim totally unnecessary project to translate the entire oeuvre of Lennon & McCartney into the nearly extinct language.
Take the wit of The Magnetic Fields and the heart of The Mountain Goats, blend, filter the result through some vintage Kinks and you’ve begun to describe the music of Declan Zimmerman.  
Perhaps someday someone will finish the description. 


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