044 – Love Me Do – The Raul Capablanca Orchestra

Original version recorded June 6, September 4&11 1962
Ukulele version recorded July 23 1942
Elana Hayden – Vocals
Mike Leslie – Bass, guitar, ukulele, orchestration
Jose Raul Capablanca – Vibes
Neil Tufano – Drums
Phillip Marlowe was channeled by Mr. Frank Simms 
Produced and arranged by Elana Hayden, Mike Leslie & David Barratt at Room 615, The Cahuenga Building, Hollywood, California.
Written and credited to Lennon and McCartney
The opening salvo by Lennon and McCartney had a difficult birth. After several rejections by many record companies Brian Epstein secured a trial for the lads with EMI at Abbey Road Studios with George Martin. 
Martin at that time was known for making middle of the road comedy records (“My Boomerang Won’t Come Back,” Charlie Drake, “Sun Arise,” Rolf Harris, Peter Sellars). If he had rejected the band it is very possible that Epstein would have found another group to work with and J,P,G&R may have been looking at another career.
Martin felt that the lads had something but was not impressed by their current drummer – Pete Best. 
Hence the song was recorded on three different occasions with three different drummers. 
June 6 1962: Pete Best on drums, as part of their audition.
September 4: Best had been replaced with Ringo Starr
September 11, the Beatles returned to the same studio with session drummer Andy White on drums, as Martin was unhappy with Starr’s performance who was relegated to playing tambourine. 
Pete Best had to go for two reasons. Firstly he was not a great drummer, but secondly and most importantly he used to score more girls that John – which was totally unacceptable to John.
The song was not enthusiastically received. It only reached #17 in The UK singles chart behind artist like Russ Conway and The Vernon Girls but it got their foot in the door and they were off to the races.
One of the great functions of music is its ability to create time travel.
Many times I have casually heard a song playing on a nearby radio and been transported 5, 10 20 years back into the past. The ukulele version of “Love Me Do” goes several steps further. 
The Raul Capablanca Orchestra recorded their magnificent version featuring the sublime voice of Elana Hayden a full two decades before The Beatles version, in their own private studio in The Cahuenga Building, Hollywood, California.
In that same building worked a down at heel private detective who allowed Raul to use some of his case notes for this recording.
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