041 – Dig A Pony – Keith Fluitt

Original Version recorded January 30 1969
Ukulele version recorded August 15 2011
Keith Fluitt – Vocals
David Barratt – Ukulele & everything else
Produced by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste  
Written by John Lennon
Credited to  Lennon & McCartney
Originally called "All I Want Is You”, “Dig A Pony” Lennon would later comment that he thought the song was "a piece of garbage," though he has shown similar scorn for many of his songs. 
Dig A Pony contained mostly nonsense lyrics, which Lennon dismissed in 1980 as "Another piece of garbage". However, some references can be found, including to The Beatles’ one-time name Johnny and the Moondogs ("I pick a moondog") and Mick Jagger (I roll a stoney/Well you can imitate everyone you know"). 
However, like so many of Lennon’s songs of the period, the dominant influence is Yoko Ono. Dig A Pony was originally titled All I Want Is You, words which appear in the chorus and which constitute the song’s only direct, meaningful sentiment.
Due to his increased heroin intake and general hatred of be a Beatle this was Lennon’s only significant new contribution to the Let It Be album (his Across The Universe had been recorded nearly a year previously).
The Let It Be album and film contained a version of the song recorded during the group’s rooftop performance at Apple on 30 January. The recording began with a false start; in the film Ringo Starr can be seen putting his cigarette down and crying out ‘Hold it!’
On the rooftop an assistant held a clipboard before Lennon with the lyrics on it. The performance ended with Lennon saying "Thank you brothers. Hands getting too cold to play the chords"
The Ukulele Version features a stone cold piece of soul. When Keith Fluit sings people smile. He has a direct connection to something so profoundly human that we know what it is even though we may not to find a name to describe it. 
When we were recording this version I kept having flashbacks to when I was a child listening to the radio in a very dull and grey London. I remember being captivated and confused by what I perceived to to be musical sounds that came from another planet. Smokey Robinson, Sam & Dave, Tammi Terrell and many other transported me away from a boring, predictable, regimented existence into.. what? I did’t know then and I still don’t know now. However with every piece of music I create I get closer.
Thank you Keith.
Keith’s a well-sought-after vocalist that has performed locally and globally. He has recored and performed as Ashford & Simpson, Will Downing, Diana Ross, Phil Perry, Roberta Flack, Th e Pet Shop Boys, Olivia Newton-John and a host of others. In 2006 he was the voice of Philip Bailey in the hit Broadway show "HOT FEET" as well as headlining his own show for the past 10yrs in Oslo Norway. As a songwriter he co-wrote and sang on "I Met an Angel on Christmas Day for Celine Dion and in 2012 will release two hot dance tracks one which is written & produced by Colonel Abrams.


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