040 – Mother Nature’s Son – Matt Alber

Original version recorded August 9 1968
Ukulele version recorded March 14th 2011
Matt Alber : Vocals, Keyboards
Ann Klein: Ukulele

David Barratt: Ukulele and everything else

Produced by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste

Written by Paul McCartney
Credited to Lennon/McCartney


As our version starts a small-town boy finds himself in the The Big City some time around 1972.

He wanders around around and can not comprehend what he sees.

He sings to himself (with a ukulele of course) and enters his own world.

Around 1.37 things get out of hand.

Broken windows, gunshots followed a reasonable amount of police brutality, which in turn sparks a riot, machine guns and generally impolite behavior.

Our hero is oblivious to all this still singing to himself and anyone that will listen.
At 1.58 a stray bullet catches him and he falls to the floor.

2.03, in a semi conscious state, he is transported to his country home.

2.27, He is carried off to meet his maker by heavenly choir.

2.48 Nirvana…  and I don’t mean the band that, in my opinion, could have used a little more personal hygiene.


Seattle-based singer/songwriter, Matt Alber grew up singing in the St. Louis Children’s Choirs and lived for the summers.  His first tour was to Japan where he hiked Mt. Fuji, ate his first rice noodles and taught the kids from Tokyo how to break-dance.  Matt stuck with singing and went on to train classically in voice & composition with professors who still invite him to dinner when he’s in town.  

In the late 90’s Matt bought a one-way ticket for San Francisco to join the classical men’s acapella ensemble Chanticleer with whom he would record two Grammy Award-winning albums.  He fell in love twice and stumbled onto his first songs while hanging around before and after rehearsals at St. Matthew’s Church in The Mission.

In 2003 he met writer/producer/rocket-scientist Jeff Crerie of Utmosis Studios and began work on his first full-length, Nonchalant.  The album was released with utmost care in 2005 and caught the quick attention of Tommy Boy/Silver Label.  Matt signed with Silver Label and released a rigorous reworking of the album in 2008 entitled Hide Nothing.
He relocated to Los Angeles and teamed with director Robin Scovill and editor Rob Lawe to make a 1960’s-inspired music video for the single, End Of The World.  The video caught a strong tail-wind after airing on MTv’s Logo Channel and HBO and sparked Matt’s first tour in the summer of 2009 where he fell in love a third time.  

Matt is currently at work on a home-made acoustic album on Vashon Island in Puget Sound where the water is clear and the sky hides a mountain.

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