038 – I Am The Walrus – The Pedicabs

Original version recorded September 5, 1967
Ukulele version recorded – July 25, 2009

Written by John Lennon
Credited to Lennon/McCartney

Vocal – Tyler Land
Drums – Robert Brandow
Bass, guitar, ukulele – Sgt. Hank Semolina
Ukulele, keyboards – David Barratt

Produced by David Barratt The Abattoir Of Good Taste, Brooklyn

The Ukulele version of I Am The Walrus which begins at the end features the mysterious and enigmatic Pedicabs. 

Some say they are renegade corporate-robber barons, some say they are degenerate night club impresarios.

All we know is they occasionally show up at The Abattoir Of Good Taste plug in their instruments and channel a sound from a far off time and place. 


One day the crowd being one Robert, one Hank, several Brians and a Tyler, too, were sitting around the haüsfrau when an unruly man came down on a smoldering muffin — which didn’t help at all.   But they painlessly dusted themselves awful and then, looking east (there was such a thing back then) the muffin shouted:  "Henceforth you shall be the Newspaper Taxis, with an X and two P’s, I think."

Of course, this caused great excrement amongst the four, who hastily ordered a fifth — and almost missed it all.  

Insipid, they said "bestbuy" to the charred muffin, picked up their instruments and struck a mighty "E" chord . . . until it struck back.
So they tried "Walrus" instead, until it was Finnish.  And now they all have lucky faces, even today they do, and we hope you will, too, at 


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