029 – Getting Better – Jim Boggia

Original version recorded March 1, 1967
Ukulele version recorded June 2012
Written by Lennon/McCartney
Jim Boggia – Ukulele
‘Misadventures In Stereo’, the third album by widely lauded singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jim Boggia, is unmistakably the work of a true believer and pop craftsman who’s closely acquainted with music’s capacity for transcendent uplift. 
His work has been embraced by numerous fellow artists and kindred spirits, many of who have lent their talents to Boggia’s albums. ‘Misadventures in Stereo’ features a cameo appearance by Big Al Anderson of NRBQ as well as a songwriting collaboration with legendary ‘Pet Sounds’ lyricist Tony Asher. His sophomore release, ‘Safe In Sound’, featured key contributions from such notable admirers as Aimee Mann, Jill Sobule, MC5 guitar hero Wayne Kramer, Attractions drummer Pete Thomas and ’70s cult-pop icon Emitt Rhodes.
Boggia’s first two releases, 2002’s Fidelity Is the Enemy and 2005’s Safe In Sound, established him as a critical favorite.  Harp magazine described his songs as "captivating," adding that he "delivers the sort of intelligent, melodic pop music that ought to be a staple of radio playlists."  Paste called Boggia a "first-rate audio architect" and praised his use of "lush instrumental flourishes, intriguing sound bites and naturalistic found sounds."  The Washington Post made note of his "soulful voice, experimental instrumentation and an encyclopedic knowledge of pop music."


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