028 – Don’t Pass Me By – Kenny White

Original version recorded Nov 22 1968
Ukulele Version Recorded May 14, 2009
Written by Richard Starkey
Kenny White – Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Ukulele, Vocals
Angela Reed – Vocals
David Barratt – Pretend Drums
Produced by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste – Fort Greene Brooklyn
Only Country Music discusses the everyday troubles of the working class. It is true heart music.
Enter Ringo, a gentle man and a gentleman, who wrote and sang this humble country ditty.
He has much to be humble about.
“You were in a car crash and you lost your hair.”
WTF Ring? John, couldn’t you have given him a little help?
Our version is by Kenny White.
Kenny redeems this atrocity by stripping away the song to its bare bones and rebuilding it from scratch. Every tiny thing is in it’s right place. Angela Reed’s harmonies bring sweetness where there had been fright. The bass swoops and swoons. The ukulele glistens as always. Country as it was meant to be.


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