027 – Your Mother Should Know – The Adidas Kebabs

Original recording: 5, 13 March 1963
Ukulele Version #178 recorded April 7-9 2012
The Kebabs operate a squad system which is down to who is available,cup – tied /suspended but always includes:
Toby Carter -Lead Vocals /Guitar
Gary Brady -Bass guitar / B vocals
The rest of the A team who also appeared on this recording are
Matt Percival -Lead Guitar (Ukulele)/b vocals
Al Richardson – Harmonica
Dan " Swag" Lawton -Drums
Other Kebabs include Dana Meyer (drums),Mark Saxby,(guitar),Mike Dearing (guitar),Bill Clift Guitar/vocals,Martin Brown Keys,Brian Foley -Sax,John Oneill Sax,Tim Absolon Sax.
Signed Squad members who have not yet played are Jim Kimberly – drums and Louis ( son of ) Tilbrook on drums.
Recorded on the 3rd Floor SE10 by Gary J.Brady 
Remix and additional production by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste from original recordings made by Gary Brady
Written by Paul McCartney
Credited to Lennon & McCartney
The core beliefs of the Adidas Kebabs are to be found in these 3 films.


"If Adidas entered the world of fast food production, they would make great Kebabs" – Nietsche

We formed the Adidas Kebabs as an excuse to escape our wives/partners/children/pets/curfews using  the thin veneer of a gig as "work". Our set includes a mixture of trashed out funk /rocksteady / fucked soul and basically anything that requires no rehearsals whatsoever,enabling any tune to run between 2 mins and 2 days depending on the response of the audience . The gigs,which tend to occur every 6-8 weeks (depending on the cycles of the moon) are a small ,yet significant ,part of an ancient pre roman drinking ritual that can last up to 3 days.
The track was recorded in the living room of my 3rd floor council flat,next to the river Thames, on the Saturday between Good Friday – the drinking day when Jesus was nailed to da cross,and Easter Sunday – the day when he woke up with da hangover and the holes in dem hands and dem feet.
We started recording about midday using the Carling/Grolsch/Marijuana combination and upped the ante to Red Stripe/Chemicals for the evening listen resulting in a letter from Greenwich Council ,a week later,threatening to take action by confiscating my speakers.
Ironically ,if the bands profile grew beyond the pubs,strip joints,take aways  and crack dens of South London ,it would result in a lawsuit from Adidas.
However the band would prefer sponsorship.


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