024 – It Won’t Be Long – Ben Walker



Original Version: Recorded July 30, 1963

Ukulele Version: Recorded June 28th, 2009
Written by John Lennon with some help from Paul McCartney
Credited to Paul McCartney

Ben Walker: Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Mike Leslie: Ukulele
Natalie Barratt: Ben’s Long Suffering Mother
Ben’s Dog: Lightning
David Barratt: Everything Else

Produced by David Barratt at The Abbatoir Of Good Taste and Ben’s Bedroom.

Our version of “It Won’t Be Long” features the multi-talented and charming Ben Walker. We love Ben despite the fact that he is, at this moment, sitting in his bedroom playing “World Of Warcraft,” while he fantasizes about wooing the girl who has rejected him.
Of course she has not rejected him at all. Ben is invisible to her because he is always in his bedroom fiddling on his computer. As he progresses to each higher level, Ben leaves her, and reality, further and further behind.
His mum has made him a very nice sandwich and wants Ben to re-enter the family. But our hero continues to dive deeper and deeper into a Neverland of his own making. Ben claims “It Won’t Be Long,” but we believe it will be a very longtime indeed…

We are worried.






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