019 – Hold Me Tight – Jeff Meechai

Original version – September 12 1963
Ukulele version – November 2011


Jeff Meechai – Vocals, ukulele

David Barratt – ukulele and everything else


Recorded at Jeff’s house in Surat Thani, Thailand 

and The Abattoir of Goof Taste Manhattan.

Produced by David Barratt


Written by Paul McCartney

Credited to Lennon/McCartney


Although released on their second album With The Beatles, Hold Me Tight was originally attempted by The Beatles during the mammoth 11 February 1963 session that yielded the bulk of songs for Please Please Me.

“That was Paul’s. Maybe I stuck some bits in there – I don’t remember. It was a pretty poor song and I was never really interested in it either way.”

John Lennon, 1980

Hold Me Tight was an early Lennon-McCartney original, written at the latter’s home in Forthlin Road, Liverpool, and featured in The Beatles’ live set from 1961 to 1963.

“When we first started it was all singles and we were always trying to write singles, That’s why you get lots of these two minute 30 second songs; they all came out the same length. Hold Me Tight was a failed attempt at a single which then became an acceptable album filler.”

Paul McCartney

The Beatles evidently didn’t rate the song too highly, and the fluffed lyrics, lack of bass in the mix and McCartney’s often out-of-tune vocals suggest they didn’t take the recording too seriously either.

That was unfortunate, because the song – speeded up from the key of E to F to add drive and energy – is generally held to be a solid example of an early ’60s Beatles rocker, with some clever songwriting features thrown in.


Jeff Meechai is a not famous independent Singer/Songwriter from
Suratthani, Thailand.
He always perform the cover of thai/english song through his channel on youtube.
And He also publish his original music on soundcloud.


I have nothing but dream.
All the things i see are not the things they seem.
My imagination and real world are completely united.
But all these hallucinations made me alive …


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