008 Hey Bulldog – Not Quite Dead Yet

Original version recorded February 11 1968
Ukulele version recorded January 26 2009


Harry Bar-Ratt – Vocal, bass, ukulele

Ben Shizzle – Drums

Paul J. Techno – Silent Guitar



Lightning – Dog Sounds


Produced by David Barratt at the Abattoir of Good Taste




The youngest band so far on The Beatles Complete on Ukulele three Fifteen year olds, Paul J. Techno – Guitar/vox, Ben Shizzle – Drums/vox and Harry Bar Ratt- Vox/bass are Not Quite Dead Yet.


“We have been together in one form or another for about 3 years. Paul and Harry have known each other since they were five years old so there is quite a bond there.”


Paul says “Our sound changes amost every week depending on what we are listening to.”


“Sometime we are more awesome than others…. but we are always awesome” concludes Ben


They have played many club gigs around New York City including Don Hills and The Knitting Factory sometimes creating chaos when they bring a leafblower filled with money to blow at the audience from stage.




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