003 You Never Give Me Your Money – Darryl and Jason Berk

Original version recorded May 6 1969

Ukulele Version recorded – May 2011


Jason Berk Vocals, guitar, bass, drum programming

Darryl Berk – Ukulele

David Barratt – Keyboards – ukulele


Produced by David Barratt at The Abattoir Of Good Taste from original recordings made by Darryl and Jason Berk


Written by Paul McCartney

Credited to Lennon & McCartney




The song begins with two verses sung by McCartney in a large-sound, almost classical style. This is followed by a section played in a double time swing feel with McCartney switching to a more nasal vocal style, using a mock-baritone voice which contrasts the song’s somewhat poignant lyrics. Next comes an instrumental interlude with George Harrison’s aggressive blues rock-style and a concluding unison line between guitar and bass. The song fades out with a chant of a nursery rhyme, set to a Harrison guitar riff similar to a previous album track, "Here Comes the Sun". The riff will return later in the medley’s track "Carry That Weight". The song’s production is notable for prominent use of leslie-amplified, arpeggiated guitar parts, which would become synonymous with the late-era Beatles sound.


The Beatles recorded 26 takes of "You Never Give Me Your Money" on 6 May 1969, with McCartney on piano and vocals, Lennon and Harrison on guitar and Starr on drums. At this early stage the song ended abruptly prior to the "One two three four five six seven" refrain.


On 1 July McCartney overdubbed lead vocals onto take 30, and added more vocals and chimes on 15 July.


"You Never Give Me Your Money" was originally to segue into "Sun King" with a long organ note. This was recorded along with more vocals on 30 July. They were scrapped the following day, when McCartney completed the song by adding bass guitar and piano. The "Sun King" crossfade was completed on 5 August with a series of tape loops containing the sounds of bells, birds, bubbles, and bugs.




Darryl Berk has been playing guitar, ukulele and singing for more years than he cares to remember, A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Darryl made his way to Boston and then to New York City, Park Slope to be exact. His New York experiences range from performances at Madison Square Garden to the Levine Bar Mitzvah on Long Island.  Having made a wrong turn in New Jersey, Darryl found himself in the San Francisco Bay area, residing in Alameda, a small island off the coast of Oakland. He continues to perform at many Bay area venues as well as teach and facilitate music programs.  In his spare time he can often be found pondering existence of nature as well as the nature of existence while riding his bicycle along the San Francisco bay.  He is currently working on CD which he hopes to release within the current millennium. He would also like to take credit for his parental and musical influence on his son, Jason.




Jason Berk is a award-winning singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist whose love for the music of the Beatles was solidified by hearing the Sgt. Pepper album for the first time at five days old. Since then The Beatles have occupied a major portion of his life (as well as the space on his walls). While in high school Jason spent two years as lead guitarist in his school’s jazz band, composed original music for productions of Twelfth Night and Dark Of The Moon, was elected Vice-President of his school’s Songwriting Club and had his music featured on San Francisco’s legendary KFOG radio station. Now 18, Jason will be heading off to California State University Northridge to hone his songwriting skills while learning how to score films.

Jason has released two albums, The Next Meal and Afternoon Snacks, both of which can be downloaded through his website (see below). Jason recently garnered a bit of media attention when his band The Goners performed the entire Let It Be album, the recording of which can also be found on his website. Jason would like to thank John, Paul, George & Ringo for providing him with a constant source of inspiration and comfort wherever he goes.




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